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Baroque Composition

Learn Composition

The Partimento Method Banner

The Partimento Method

Composing music is a game of combinations!

If you don't know which ingredients to combine and how to combine them, you'll never write music!

Instead, you'll just create a mishmash of random notes!

Master the language of music, discover how to make your compositions more engaging, and have fun creating your own!

With The Partimento Method, you learn to compose, analyze, and improvise the music you love the most!

Learn the Art of the Fugue - 1

Learn Fugue with Handel Banner

Learn Fugue with Handel

In a Fugue, there are too many difficulties to handle all at once!

Tackling them all together means getting lost!

Learn to combine subjects and countersubjects, learn how to create an Exposition and a Counterexposition, learn to apply augmentation to your fugues!

A course entirely based on the exercises Handel wrote for Princess Anne, where you will learn all this and much more!

Learn the Art of the Fugue - 2

Learn Fugue with Bach Banner

Learn Fugue with Bach

In every fugue, each subject is unique!

If you don't know how to handle the different characteristics, you risk creating mere scribbles.

Learn to manage unique melodies, learn how to write answers that harmonize well with your subjects, and develop your musical creativity!

Compose your five-voice fugues with the exercises that Bach has prepared for you in the Leipzig manuscript "Precepts and Principles".

Early Music Theory

Learn Solmisation

Solmisation Course Banner

Fa Mi & Mi Fa est Tota Musica

If you don't read music through the eyes of the Ancient Musician, you'll miss out on so many details!

Step into the shoes of an ancient musician, delve into their mindset, and learn to see through their eyes!

Learn Solmisation and start to grasp the most refined details concealed within the melodies!

White Mensural Notation

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Modal System

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Renaissance Composition

2-Part Counterpoint

December 2024

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