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Solve et Coagula

Solve et Coagula Ebook

Composing music is a game of combinations.

Discover the patterns of musical language, observe harmony and counterpoint with colorful examples, and have fun creating new combinations!

All this and much more in a dense 100-page ebook!

Scales and Passages

Scales and Passages Ebook

What had C.P.E. Bach learned from his father?

Among the many precious skills and knowledge, the ability to harmonize scales in major and minor modes, realize cadences, and modulate to near and distant keys stands out.

In this free ebook, you will find all the examples of scales, cadences, and passages that C.P.E. Bach demonstrates in the last chapter of his book "Versuch".

Learn Harmony

Baroque Harmony Ebook

Learn Harmony with the 24 Exercises G. F. Handel wrote for the Princess Anne!

(New edition is arriving soon)

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