Musical Apprenticeship

Your one-on-one Journey to Transform into a Musicus Practicus

Connecting from my Atelier, with the care, confidence, and humanity of a guide who accompanies you through your experience!


Musicus Practicus

You will hear Baroque music as if you were living in the 1700s!

  • Italian Hexachordal Solfeggio: Improve Solmization with exercises in far keys, focusing on Partimenti.
  • Composition and Partimento: Learn to compose music using the pedagogical techniques of Partimenti.
  • Suite and Dances: Learn to compose and improvise a Suite with its Dances.
  • Chorales and Variations: Learn to harmonize a chorale in various voices and to create variations in different styles.
  • Musical Rhetoric: Learn to craft a musical Discourse that works with the Rhetorical Principles of Dispositio, and create effective Melodies using hundreds of Rhetorical-Musical Figures.
  • Fugue: Learn to compose and improvise a Fugue, both starting from a bass line (Partimento technique) and with only the Subject.


Musicus Practicus

Renaissance Music will no longer hold secrets for you!

  • Hexachordal Solmisation: Learn to read musical pitches with Solmisation.
  • Cantus Firmus: Learn to read the Cantus Firmus and Sacred Church Music
  • Cantus Figuratus: Learn to read Renaissance polyphony from the original sources
  • Tones and Modes: Expand your knowledge on Tones and Modes and their application to Counterpoint
  • 2-part Counterpoint: Learn to Compose two-part Counterpoints using a variety of techniques.
  • Advanced Counterpoint: Complete your journey by learning advanced techniques of three-part and multi-voice counterpoint.


Since Musical Apprenticeship paths are personal and one-on-one, the number of Apprentices I can personally mentor is very limited.

At this moment, there are only 2 slots available.

So, if you want to learn, hurry up and contact me as soon as possible!

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Playing Music is not Enough!

Today's musician must know how music is composed, how to analyze each piece, and how to improvise with their instrument...

For this reason, I teach musicians all over the world how to express their creativity by teaching composition with the historical method of Partimenti!

Richardus Cochlearius

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